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Publish client-side Blazor to GitHub pages

Lately, I got fascinated by client-side Blazor, as I can build and host a .NET Core application with $0 cost! This is because Blazor only needs to be hosted somewhere on the web and does not require server-side logic.

However, if you try to publish Blazor to GitHub pages, you'll notice it doesn't quite work and the official MS documentation is way out of date. I'll assume you have already created your GitHub Page.

1. Copy files from official Blazor demo

You'll need to copy 404.html and .nojekyll from Official Blazor demo (yes, almost 2 years ago).

2. Replace content in index.html

In index.html replace your <body></body tag with the following html.


    <!-- Start Single Page Apps for GitHub Pages -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
        // Single Page Apps for GitHub Pages
        // https://github.com/rafrex/spa-github-pages
        // Copyright (c) 2016 Rafael Pedicini, licensed under the MIT License
        // ----------------------------------------------------------------------
        // This script checks to see if a redirect is present in the query string
        // and converts it back into the correct url and adds it to the
        // browser's history using window.history.replaceState(...),
        // which won't cause the browser to attempt to load the new url.
        // When the single page app is loaded further down in this file,
        // the correct url will be waiting in the browser's history for
        // the single page app to route accordingly.
        (function (l) {
            if (l.search) {
                var q = {};
                l.search.slice(1).split('&').forEach(function (v) {
                    var a = v.split('=');
                    q[a[0]] = a.slice(1)
                        .replace(/~and~/g, '&');
                if (q.p !== undefined) {
                    // Support for non-main repo GitHub pages
                    var repoName = l.pathname.slice(0, -1);
                    if (q.p !== undefined) {
                        q.p = q.p.replace(`${repoName}/`, '/');

                    window.history.replaceState(null, null,
                        repoName + (q.p || '') +
                        (q.q ? ('?' + q.q) : '') +
    <!-- End Single Page Apps for GitHub Pages -->

    <script src="_framework/blazor.webassembly.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

3. Update base href

Make sure that <base href="..."> is configured correctly. For development on your local machine it needs to be <base href="/"> but when publishing it needs to include the repository name <base href="/[repo-name]/">.

For example, repository named CognitiveServices.Explorer would have <base href="/CognitiveServices.Explorer/">.

4. Update 404.html

If you want for Blazor navigation to work after refreshing your page, there is one more thing you need to do in 404.html.


        l.pathname.split('/').slice(0, 1 + segmentCount).join('/') + '/?p=/' +


        l.pathname.split('/').slice(0, 1 + segmentCount).join('/') + '/[repo-name]/?p=/' +

If you're still struggling, you can check one of my projects that currently use the above modifications: https://github.com/jernejk/AutoML.CodeGenerator

Happy blazing. 🚀


Do you want to quickly build and publish your GitHub pages but don't have a CI/CD pipeline yet? Is your GitHub page in the same repo as your code?

Here is a PowerShell script that might help you (based on my Cognitive Services Explorer project):

$pathToSolution = "./src/CognitiveServices.Explorer/"
$projectName = "CognitiveServices.Explorer.Web"
$repoName = "CognitiveServices.Explorer"

Write-Output "----==== Publish $pathToSolution"
dotnet publish $pathToSolution -c Release -o ./dist/
Write-Output ""

Write-Output "----==== Copy from ./dist/$projectName/dist"
Copy-Item -Path "./dist/$projectName/dist/*" -Destination "./" -Recurse -Force
Write-Output ""

$indexFile = "./index.html"
$originalBaseUrlText = "<base href=""/"">";
$targetBaseUrlText = "<base href=""/$repoName/"">";

Write-Output "----==== Replace base href in $indexFile to be /$repoName/"
((Get-Content -path $indexFile -Raw) -replace $originalBaseUrlText, $targetBaseUrlText) | Set-Content -NoNewline -Path $indexFile
Write-Output ""

Write-Output "----==== Delete dist folder"
Remove-Item ./dist/ -Recurse