About me

JK is a Solution Architect with SSW. With 10 years of Software Engineering experience across multiple industries such as Museums, Government, Banks, Gaming, Entertainment, Jernej has worked on full-stack development of native applications, including both mobile and desktop.

JK loves working on Angular, .NET Core, and Cognitive Services. His most recent projects have featured Docker, AKS, and Machine Learning development. He loves containers and Kubernetes and enjoys showing others the immense possibilities that Container technology has to offer.

In addition to being an expert in ASP, .NET Core, Angular, and Azure DevOps, Jernej is also proficient in WPF, UWP, Unity3D, and mixed reality. Lately, he's sharpening his skills with Cognitive Services as well as Machine Learning.

JK is thought of as a technology leader and frequent contributor to technical presentations. He likes to help prepare developers for SSW TV presentations and even gets in front of the camera sometimes.

You can find him at events like Global Azure Bootcamp, Global AI Bootcamp, DDD (Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney), and NDC. JK is equally likely to attend a conference/user group as he is to present at one. 🧐

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